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Wooden dog beds are the ultimate in luxury comfort for your pooch. If you are a devoted and dedicated owner, we think you would agree that your dog deserves nothing but the best when it comes to home comforts. That is why we have created our wonderful range of wood dog beds.

Wooden dog beds have become a popular purchase amongst dog owners as they provide the highest quality comfort available when it comes to giving your pooch a place to relax. There are so many different designs available and you can really adapt the bed to suit your wants and needs. You can even personalise your bed for that added personal touch.

How to choose your wooden dog bed?

When buying a wooden dog beds there are some elements to consider in your purchase, every dog is different in many ways and considering these things will enable you to make the right choice for your pooch:

SIZE – Depending on whether your dog is fully grown or a puppy, you need to consider buying the right size to allow your dog to grow and feel comfortable. Measuring your dog before you buy is a great way to work out the exact size you need to allow your dog the room they need.

HEALTH – If your dog is older or suffers with joint related issues for example, you may want to avoid elevated dog beds and find something closer to the ground. Wooden dog beds have proven health benefits over floor beds, even in dogs with health issues already.

BEHAVIOUR – If your dog has destructive traits, like chewing and scratching, you may want to think about buying a more robust wooden bed to reduce long term damage.

By simply making the change to an elevated wooden dog bed you are providing your dog with an array of health and lifestyle benefits. For some reason dogs have become accustomed to sleeping on the floor, although we would not do so for ourselves. Floor beds can have a wealth of issues that involve you usually spending more money over time replacing than it would cost to just by a wooden bed.

Condensation can build up rapidly and cause dampness to your dog’s floor bed, whilst this is unpleasant for any dog, it is also bad for circulation and can contribute to further health issues. By giving your dog a dry, damp free and draft free wooden dog bed you are giving them the best opportunity to fully rest and get a good night’s sleep which in turn may result in more relaxed behaviour in future.

Heavier, sturdier and hard wearing, our dog beds are a worthy investment in your pet and will save you £££ in the long run instead of wasting money on replacing plastic beds or floor beds. So, what are you waiting for? Treat your dog and your home to a wooden dog bed and reap the many benefits that they provide.